cloud storage (AI)
  • Automatically saves screenshots and forms data on pages where you edit data
  • Searchable history of previous screenshots and data changes
  • Naturally integrates into your process
Please, stop doing manual screenshots for data verification. We would provide you with a tool to do screenshots automatically. And you would be able to search them

How Potash works
Potash consist from browser extension which captures screenshots automatically and a website to view, search and share screenshots
Install browser extension
Potash extension automatically captures Screenshots of filled online forms. Screenshots then saved to the cloud.
Access screenshots from website
All Screenshots, among with data entered into forms, are then available in Users personal website in Potash cloud.
Share reports
On Potash, you can create reports of performed work, data discrepancies. Users can share Potash reports with Employers/Employees or Vendors.
Join our beta program
We are building a set of tools to help streamline manual processes for all benefit administrators who's workin with small groups employers. Join us to make your daily routine better
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